19th March round up

It has been a huge week here at the Red Cross. Sport, Music, St Patrick’s….Wow.
Starting with the week of sport we have had we began early with Premiership football which led into some big Champions League nights through Tuesday and Wednesday which although brought in big crowds did sadly end with both Man United and Chelsea crashing out of the competition leaving us just two teams in the later stages!
Thursday night we had some Europa League which saw Arsenal make it into the later stages, We had a decent turnout and we stayed steady until the end of the night.
Friday sadly had no sport due to Tottenham v Newcastle being postponed, But we had a great night regardless being busy all night with some great music. Saturday (St Patricks Day) we had sport all day non-stop! Crazy! We had FA Cup, Six Nations Rugby, and Premiership Football. We were busy from opening, all day long steady and later getting busier.  Quick Recap (Deep Breath) FA Cup Tottenham and Man United Won and through to next stage, Premiership Liverpool (Mainly Salah) Smashed Watford 5-0! & In the 6 Nations….We Don’t Want To Talk About It!! (We Lost) BUT well done to Ireland for a Grand Slam Victory on St Patrick’s Day just to make the win more meaningful!!
Lastly, we have Sunday with more Premiership postponed and FA Cup which brought in a decent Chelsea crowd which saw them win 2-1.
Live music
This week was great with Kevin Jones playing some superb classic covers all night long, we were busy the atmosphere was spot on, couldn’t ask for anything better.
Saturday we went mad and had Trust Me, Jack playing! Epic stuff as always and we were jam-packed. St Patrick filled the pub with every Guinness drinking minion and saw everyone have the best night of the year so far! Lastly, on Sunday, we had the annual bi-weekly open mic night which saw the talent of Surrey brave the snow for a great jam session!
The next open mic will 15th April due to the bank holiday.
Next week we have Ben Hackett, Already Legends and Innes & Mr. T playing over the weekend. No Premiership Football Due to the International Break which will see England playing the Netherlands on Friday Night at 7.45pm.
Until Next Week!!!
The Red Cross Team