8th January round up

The new year started off in great stead, with customers filling the pub every single day last week.

A very sporty start to the week and year with football being played all day Monday and Tuesday, which attracted locals, fans, and friends down. In the evening our trusty locals kept the pub full coming in for their evening drink before going to their families.

Wednesday was a fairly quiet day until Chelsea took on Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium which brought everyone down to watch the rival match. which turned out to be an intense game, keeping customers on the edge of their seats. 

Thursday mirrored Thursday with a quiet day until Westham took on Tottenham at Wembley. with both, fans and students in the evening became very busy and continued until the pub closed.

Friday started the weekend off nicely with a very busy day with local workers and locals coming in for a drink on their lunch breaks. Liverpool and Everton started the third round of the FA Cup nicely with a very competitive derby match. In the evening we had newcomer Alix Anthony take the stage and wow customers with his amazing vocals and guitar. Passers-by came in to watch him and his bassist play some classic funk and soul. Alix is back in June so be sure to keep an eye out on our website for details. One not to miss!

On Saturday The FA Cup Third round continued with matches being played all day long. In the evening we had the very talented  Fossey Tango playing who brought everyone in with their cool funk, soul, and pop. Fossey Tango is back in March so keep an eye out on our website for more details. 

Sunday saw a quiet day with a few locals and fans coming in to watch the footy. In the evening the pub filled as Open Mic Night started which was hosted by Tom Hughes. It was good to see some new faces up on the mic and even better to hear their lovely voices. 

We look forward to hopefully another busy week. 

Assistant Manager, Red Cross