5th March round up

With a cold, a bitter and snowy week passed let’s have a look at what happened.  Tuesday and Wednesday evening The FA Cup fifth round replays played on all screens. Thursday was cold, bitter and snowy which put most people off work or prevented them from going in, but it didn’t stop them from coming in to grab a cold pint and throw a few darts. The evening continued to be busy with students coming in and staying until closing.

The snow days continued on Friday which brought all our locals in to warm up and chill out until the snow stopped. In the evening Tim Hain and Tom Hughes came together to perform a mixture of pop, reggae and blues. 

Saturday was busy with football being shown all day alongside rugby. Fossey Tango took the stage on Saturday playing some favourite pop and funk songs. Football continued on Sunday bringing in fans which kept the pub busy and staff on their toes. Tom Hughes was back Sunday evening as he hosted Open Mic Night which brought in many new and familiar talented vocalist.

6Nations kicks off again this weekend, so be sure to join us for the matches.

Corbain Bridgeman
Assistant Manager, Red Cross