6th February round up

A great week for us with the start of the week not being hugely busy due to our new bar and cellar re-fit!

That’s right people, we have a brand new look on the bar and brand new beer lines and some great new beers to showcase it all with!

We are now sporting Sharps Pilsner, Coors Light and Carling after saying farewell to Fosters, Kronenbourg and Freedom.

With the work all done by Wednesday, we were ready for the rest of the week with some great sport and music!

We had two loads of premiership through the week with early games on Tuesday and Wednesday, the best day being Wednesday since we actually had more than 3 beers to by that point, and then again later on Saturday and Sunday coupled with the start of the 6 Nations.

We were busy for both and have the Rugby up in our top bar area for the best atmosphere as well as the football in the main bar.

After the sport we had some great music over the weekend, Friday night after some drama of losing our act Susie Lopez at the very last minute the legend that is Mr Tim Hain came to our aid and smashed out a great night for us, anyone looking to see him again he will be back on the 6th April for a solo gig and again on the 25th August for a band gig.

Along then comes Saturday and Randy & the Rockets were in and with a whole new setlist, it was an epic night and although the start was a bit slow we really kicked off by the end!

The music was rocking and it was not worth missing but for any poor soul that did miss it…they will be back!!

5th May, 28th July, 27th October!! Save those dates people this is not a band worth missing!

Lastly, we had Sunday and after the sport was all over we had Tom Hughes back for the bi-weekly open mic night!

This was one of those weeks we love, we had some regular faces but we then had some great new talent show up and everyone just had a great session. For anyone thats not been yet, feel free!! Everyone is welcome if you sing, play an instrument or even fancy yourself and a handy comedian.

So that’s it we had a great week of amazing new beer, sport and music and next week will be more of the same!

Toby Wightman, Rebecca Reidtmann & the Two Cans Band and Craig Dutton are our act for this week along with more Football and Rugby.

Matthew Hack
Manager, Red Cross